Providing Completely Paintless Dent Removal for You

Patrick A. Paradiso II has been working in the automotive business for whole life from mechanics, to sales he has seen the need for this valuable service in the community. Patrick trained with Eddie Martin of the Dent Devils, one of the leading PDR professionals of the West Coast. Patrick strives to become the leading PDR professional on the East Coast. As the owner and operator of Completely Paintless Dent Removal, Patrick promises competitive prices, quality customer services, and family-oriented business practices. Call or email Patrick and his team to experience quality work and service for your ride.

Meet Patrick

Owner & Founder of CPD Removal

Completely Paintless Dent Removal was founded by Patrick Paradiso II. Patrick has spent his whole life in the automotive industry, one way or another. Since he was old enough to walk his father and uncles have always had some kind of business in the automotive industry. From starting out with small engine repair, small machine shops, to then automobile repair and detail shops. They even had a gas station at one point and then decided to open up a few car dealerships. Patrick grew up working and learning from all the different automotive businesses to eventually running his dad’s car dealership.

Back in 2007 when the economy was crashing due to the housing market. It really affected the automotive industry, especially car dealerships. So Pat decided to start his own business that he thought would be more stable lucrative for himself. He went to San Diego California to learn and train to do Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) With Eddie Martin of The Dent Devils in San Diego California. From that point forward Patrick has spent his life mastering the art of PDR and started Completely Paintless Dent Removal!

Up until 2015, Patrick did PDR all over Western New York. Pat always wanted to expand and learn how to repair hail damage and to learn that part of the PDR industry. He had some family in Denver, CO. So he threw his tools in his vehicle and headed to Denver to find someone to give him a shot and teach him about the hail storm/hail damage repair part of the PDR industry. Pat got lucky and met a guy by the name of Dave Smith who owned and operated Dent Crafter Plus in Commerce City, CO.

Since 2015, Patrick has been learning and mastering the hail storm damage repair part of the industry. Pat travels the country chasing hail storms when there haven’t been any hail storms in Western New York or Colorado to work at. Every day Patrick is trying to take Completely paintless dent removal to the next step and eventually be known across the country as the company to call whenever you have a catastrophic hail storm and you need a company to repair the hail damage and deal with the insurance companies for you.

Whether you are just one individual with one car that needs to be fixed or a Corporate Autobody shop that needs a company to come in and manage the hail storm repairs for you so you can keep your normal operation moving smoothly, you can call Patrick Paradiso II and his team at Completely Paintless Dent Removal!